Compromised accounts

So you've been hacked? What do you?

What do I do if I have just been hacked?

  1. Email Please use the email address linked to your DIMO account. We will ask you to please provide the address of the account that has been hacked.

  2. Disconnect the cars from that account by deleting them. Follow these instructions:

  3. Create a new DIMO mobile account and use the DIMO in-app wallet.

You're now ready to get reconnected and preventing tokens from going to the hacker.

Replacement Devices

The only way to get reconnected via hardware right now is to connect new ones. Using your support tickets, the DIMO team will send you replacements.

We will only send you the new devices once you have deleted the vehicles from your compromised account.

  1. Receive your new devices and return the compromised devices.

  2. Add your vehicles and pair your new devices.

What else can the DIMO team do?

  • Blacklist the wallet address that was in the compromised account

What can the DIMO team NOT do?

  • Hold/Grant any tokens that might have been earned during the replacement period

  • Recover any tokens that were taken from your wallet

  • Recover your streak level of your vehicle

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