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Please Verify Your VIN

If you see the screen below, you need to contact so we can help verify your VIN. We are continuing to make progress improving VIN detection, but some cars need manual support.

Device Needs Update

Most devices will update automatically on their own after remaining plugged in for 2-3 days. This will require some driving so that the device is powering on and connecting.

The only way to check if the device is updated and ready to pair right now is to check through the pairing process. If after several days the device is not up to date, the customer success team can help to manually push an update. This will require booking a call.

Bluetooth Issues

If you are stuck on the Bluetooth connection process, we recommend that you book a call with Book a call here.

Wallet Issues

Mismatched connected wallet

This means that you have connected a wallet to the DIMO app before, and the one you are trying to use for pairing is not that wallet. Your options are:

  1. Switch to the originally connected wallet. The app shows you in the orange box the "Registered Wallet."

  2. Contact to switch the connected wallet you have.

Stuck claiming AutoPi ID, Vehicle ID, or Pairing

If you get stuck on this step or any steps that involve transfers or links, you are probably using an external MetaMask wallet to sign txs, and that wallet has timed out.

MetaMask autolock is usually set to 30 seconds, so it will close during the process. You can set it to longer so that it does not close when connecting to DIMO.

Inside of MetaMask, go to Settings >Security & Privacy > Auto-lock

Other issues could be:

  • Ensure you are not connected to a VPN. If so, turn it off. This can interfere with WalletConnect.

  • Make sure you're in a place with good cell reception - connectivity is essential.

Proceed or 'Sign' buttons unresponsive

We recommend you manually switch back to your wallet application and this should allow you to continue through the flow.

Device Connection Failing (Awaiting Data)

If you notice that your car is stuck on "Awaiting Data" even after you have driven it, we need to investigate connectivity issues. These issues can be due to one of three things:

  • Twilio issue - we're investigating bugs and performance issues with Twilio.

  • Software issue - some of these connectivity issues can be resolved with a software fix on the DIMO cloud

  • Hardware issues - in some cases we may need to replace the DIMO device.

Recently Solved

  • Incorrect streak & rewards shown in app - issue with users' streaks being reset to level 1 and incorrect rewards issued has now been rectified.

  • Autopi users not seeing data refreshed within the app - fixed issue, users will need to bring their devices online to get the change (solid green light on the device).

  • Migration of Smartcar connected Teslas to Tesla Integration - all Tesla users will now be required to be connected via the Tesla integration.

  • Rewards screen - fixed issue where users were seeing a banner of 'you're not earning rewards' immediately they opened the app before the rewards state loaded.

  • Unable to capture VIN error screen update - messaging changed to contact support (as this needs to be done manually)

  • NFT UI Update - now able to handle wider displays.

  • Battery voltage graph - fixed incorrect order of days showing on the graph.

  • Vehicle tab - fixed tray showing up.

  • Android back button - Android users are now able to go back steps within the vehicle minting flow as opposed to only being able to exit the flow.

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