DIMO basics

What is DIMO?

DIMO is an open software platform that allows drivers to stream their vehicle data in exchange for tokens—practically employing Web3 technology to build a user-owned network that maximizes the value of IoT data and functionality while minimizing privacy and systemic risks.

Today, DIMO provides a way for people to collect, custody, and share data from vehicles, built on a framework that enables participants to earn ownership of the network proportional to the value they create.

We are building the foundation for a developer ecosystem that will enable next-generation mobility applications for connected vehicles, which we believe is necessary to scale the deployment of key technologies like zero-emission and automated vehicles.

What can I do with DIMO as a driver?

Today you can connect your car and stream verified data. Very soon, you'll also be able to earn $DIMO tokens. You can access a growing library of applications and services built on DIMO. Today, this is a limited set of data storage and “read-only” vehicle information apps developed by the core team.

When did DIMO start?

After a year of R&D we launched the DIMO Alpha Fleet in late 2021 and are ready to begin onboarding thousands of users in early 2022. If you’re here now, you’re early!

Who is building this and Why?

DIMO grew out of a product studio and IoT consulting firm called Digital Infrastructure Services in 2020. Our project is heavily inspired by Helium, which demonstrated that token incentives are a capital efficient way to build supply in real-world user-owned IoT networks.

Digital Infrastructure Inc. replaced Services and began building the core infrastructure. Now, the protocol is owned by the DIMO Foundation, and Digital Infrastructure Inc. is only one of an increasing number of contributors building DIMO.

How do I learn more?

There is a more thorough overview here. You can also visit our blog and join our discord. We also post regularly on twitter @dimo_network and update open-source repos on Github.

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