DIMO is an open source, community governed protocol and platform for vehicles and related IoT devices. It is built by combining the best aspects of traditional distributed web2 technologies with decentralized data validity and security provided by a companion blockchain.
For a more general non-technical overview, see What is DIMO.
At its heart is an ecosystem of streaming technologies including MQTT, Streamr and Kafka, distributed hosting technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, and data storage technologies such IPFS and S3.
DIMO utilizes a companion blockchain, currently Ethereum and Polygon. The blockchain provides users and devices with secure digital identities, verified data linking and lookup capabilities. By referencing produced data to an on-chain identity, we are able to create a ground truth state of the network.
DIMO enables use cases such as:
  • Fleet Management: GPS vehicle tracking, driver safety, operational efficiency intelligent navigation
  • Vehicle Commerce: data driven insurance and car loans, used car marketplaces with verifiable data
  • Mobility Services: car-sharing services, ride-hailing services
  • Smart City: traffic flow assistance, intelligent traffic rerouting, training data for autonomous vehicles, urban planning, parking services, automated road toll collection, intelligent road infrastructure
  • Manufacturers: R&D performance improvements, data-driven design improvements, wear and tear analytics, supplier performance scorecard
  • Energy: charging station planning and deployment, energy usage analysis, charging station locator and offerings
  • Maintenance: remote diagnostics & prognosis, DIY diagnostics, state safety / emission tests, predictive failure warning
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