Manufacturing License

Details of the DIMO Manufacturing License, and its requirements and structure.

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A DIMO Manufacturing License is a crucial certification for manufacturers who wish to integrate their devices into the DIMO platform. This license represents a high level of security, quality, and compliance, ensuring that a manufacturer has undergon the DIMO foundations strict audits, and are trustworthy and reliable when used with the DIMO platform. To obtain a manufacturing root certificate, manufacturers must adhere to a set of stringent requirements and undergo rigorous audits to guarantee the safety and performance of their devices.


Staking $DIMO: Manufacturers must stake 100,000 $DIMO tokens to apply for a manufacturing root certificate. This stake is a form of collateral to ensure that manufacturers are committed to maintaining the high standards required for DIMO compatibility. Further information on staking $DIMO can be found in the guide to staking $DIMO for a Manufacturer Certificate [LINK].

Agreeing to obligations: Manufacturers must agree to a series of obligations, including maintaining strict quality and security standards, providing support for their services, acting in good faith, and not engaging in unlawful activities. This is outlined in the DIMO Manufacturer Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Passing audits: To ensure that devices do not interfere with users' safe operation of their vehicles or generate false data, manufacturers must undergo hardware and security audits. Also, the customer experience in unboxing, pairing and using the device is also audited.

Certificate Structure

Manufacturer Node: The manufacturer is represented as a root node in the DIMO identity system, from which all other nodes derive directly or indirectly. This node can be owned by either an admin of the system or a controller, which is also set by an admin. Initially, all manufacturer nodes will be minted and owned by an admin, with ownership transferred to the appropriate controller in the future.

ManufacturerID (License): The holder of the ManufacturerID license has the authority to create devices within the smart contract, update attributes of their devices, and perform over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Controllers: Controllers can own only a single manufacturer node and, consequently, a single manufacturer ID, unless they are an administrator. The system tracks minted nodes by controller and restricts transfers to prevent controllers from owning multiple nodes.

Duplication Prevention: To avoid duplication, Manufacturer nodes have a mandatory associated name. Two mappings are employed to verify existing data before minting:

a. Manufacturer name => Manufacturer Id

b. Manufacturer Id => Manufacturer name

These mappings ensure that a new Manufacturer node is not created with a name already associated with an existing ID and provide an easy way to query the names and IDs of the nodes.

Benefits of a DIMO Manufacturing License:

A DIMO Manufacturing License is required to obtain a DIMO Hardware Device Certificate, and to start producing devices. Other benefits include:

Access to the DIMO platform: Manufacturers with a valid license gain access to the DIMO platform, allowing them to sell their devices to users.

Trust and security: The license demonstrates that the manufacturer's device meets the necessary security and quality standards, ensuring that it can be trusted to work reliably with the DIMO platform.

Ongoing support and maintenance obligations: Manufacturers with a license must comply with local regulations, provide support for their DIMO compatible devices for a reasonable duration, and only share data with authorized recipients, ensuring the long-term reliability and security of their devices.

For more information on the DIMO Manufacturing License, visit:

And instructions on obtaining a DIMO Manufacturer License, please visit: [INSERT staking-usddimo-for-a-manufacturer-license HERE]

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