DBC Decoding

How to add support for any vehicle

DIMO is building on the work established by projects like OpenDBC, Open Vehicle Data Farming, and CanServer. Our contribution is to add token incentives that supercharge efforts to decode data from cars in a standardized and scalable way.

Primarily we are interested in the following fields for vehicles

📟 Odometer: Distance travelled by the vehicle

#️⃣ VIN (Vehicle ID): Includes attributes, manufacturing location, ownership history

📈 State of Charge: Current % and mileage estimate provided by the OEM

📍 Exact Location: 2 decimal point precision (or greater) lat/long values assigned to a device (this gives > 1.1KM location specificity)

🚨 Fault Codes: Diagnostic trouble codes

A portion of the rewards for drivers of a make and model that are not yet compatible with DIMO (e.g., their vehicle data is not yet decoded) will be programmatically siphoned into bounty pools. Data engineers will be able to fulfill these bounties and earn the pool of $DIMO once successful. After this is complete, drivers will earn full rewards. This creates a market driven means for DIMO to integrate new vehicle types.

As demand for vehicle data and connectivity increases, the rewards calculation will be first supplemented by and then fully supplanted by demand-side signals and economic flow.

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