Platform Components

The makeup of the DIMO Core Platform


It is very important for DIMO that the platform is hosted in a manner which guarantees high uptime, great user experience, and rapid development.Today, the application is hosted on Kubernetes utilizing major cloud providers. Kubernetes allows the web2 and web3 components which are not yet decentralized to be run by DIMO Web Services team, and will enable decentralization as the platform grows.


When it comes to authentication, DIMO supports both oAuth and Sign In With Ethereum for most user flows. This is implemented in dex, an open source CNCF project.

Core Services

To deliver the full suite of functionality required by the platform, multiple microservices have been developed. They broadly fall into 2 categories:

  • Streaming Analytics

  • Rest/GRPC Apis

You can find the code available publicly under the DIMO-Nework organization on github.

Ethereum & Polygon

DIMO utilizes both Ethereum and Polygon for storing the most important data within the platform. Making this data available on a public database provides a decentralized solution to answer a few key questions:

  • Who owns a device

  • Definition of what a device is

  • Link(URI) to verified data stream

IPFSDIMO plans to leverage IPFS for storing device data. At the current time IPFS has a limited role to play in cold-data storage.​

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