The PriceManager contract plays a crucial role within the DCN (Device Canonical Name) system by managing the pricing mechanism for minting DCN names. While currently focused on time-based pricing, the PriceManager holds the potential to support a variety of charging strategies in the future, adapting to evolving needs and market dynamics.

Time-Based Pricing

The primary purpose of the PriceManager is to determine the cost of minting a DCN name based on the duration of ownership. The pricing structure follows a per-second rate, allowing users to precisely tailor the duration of name ownership to their preferences. This approach offers flexibility and fairness, as users are charged proportionally to the actual duration they wish to possess the name.

How it Works

  1. 1.
    Base Price: The PriceManager sets the base price per second. This price serves as the foundation for calculating the total cost of minting a DCN name. It reflects the intrinsic value of owning a name within the DCN system.
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    Total Price Calculation: When a user initiates the minting process for a DCN name, the PriceManager calculates the total cost by multiplying the base price by the desired duration of ownership in seconds. This straightforward calculation ensures transparent and predictable pricing.

Future Expansion

While the PriceManager currently focuses on time-based pricing, its design anticipates the implementation of diverse charging strategies in the future. This built-in flexibility allows for the integration of alternative pricing models that may better align with changing user preferences and market trends.
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