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The DIMO's governance follows some standard implementations from OpenZeppelin: GovernorUpgradeable contract, the upgradeability mechanism UUPSUpgradeable, and OwnableUpgradeable. The DimoGovernor also employs the following extensions:
  • GovernorSettingsUpgradeable
    • Allows changing _votingDelay, _votingPeriod and _proposalThreshold through a proposal
  • GovernorCountingSimpleUpgradeable
    • Simplifies voting system to accept only Agains, For and Abstain votes
  • GovernorVotesUpgradeable
  • GovernorVotesQuorumFractionUpgradeable
    • Allows the quorum to be expressed as a fraction of the total supply. It is also possible change the quorum through a proposal
  • GovernorTimelockControlUpgradeable
    • Adds a delay in the execution of governance decisions. With that, proposals are carried out by the external Timelock contract.
The DimoGovernor contract works in conjunction with the TimeLock contract that introduces a delay between the proposal and its execution. If a proposal is successful, the users have the minDelay period to perform any relevant operation before the execution. Please note that the minDelay period can still be changed by an admin.


Voting Delay
1 block
Voting Period
50400 blocks
Execution Delay
21600 seconds
Quorum Numerator
4% of DIMO Supply
Proposal Threshold