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Description of the Hardware Device License, and the requirements to obtain one.

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The DIMO Hardware Device License is a vital component of the DIMO ecosystem, ensuring that only high-quality, secure, and trusted devices are produced for end-users. As an NFT certificate, it adds a layer of authenticity and trust to the devices, empowering manufacturers and instilling confidence in users of the DIMO network. This document provides a detailed description of the DIMO Hardware Device License, its importance, and the criteria for obtaining it.

Device Approval Criteria

To maintain the integrity and reputation of the DIMO ecosystem, the DIMO Foundation has established a set of stringent criteria that must be met for a device to be approved and granted a Hardware Device License. These criteria ensure that only the most secure, reliable, and well-designed devices are produced under the DIMO brand. The criteria include:

  1. Valid DIMO Manufacturing License Holder: The manufacturer must possess a valid DIMO Manufacturing License, which demonstrates that they have met the necessary requirements to produce devices within the DIMO ecosystem.

  2. Complete Submission of Schematics, Design Data, and Prototypes: The manufacturer must submit detailed schematics, design data, and prototypes of the device to the DIMO Foundation. This information allows the Foundation to thoroughly review and assess the device's design, functionality, and overall quality.

  3. Hardware Security Audit: The device must undergo a hardware security audit conducted by an approved vendor. This audit verifies that the device's security measures are sufficient and up-to-date, ensuring the protection of user data and adherence to industry standards.

  4. Customer Experience Audit: A customer experience audit must be submitted for the device. This audit showcases the device's usability, functionality, and overall customer satisfaction. It provides the DIMO Foundation with valuable insights into how the device will perform in real-world scenarios and helps identify any potential areas of improvement.

  5. Submission of Test Plans and Quality Control Plans: The manufacturer must submit comprehensive test plans (electrical, mechanical), quality control plans, and example test reports. These documents detail the various tests and inspections conducted on the device during the manufacturing process, ensuring that the devices produced meet the high standards set by the DIMO Foundation.

  6. Industrial and Regulatory Certificates: The device must have all required industrial and regulatory certificates granted. These certificates demonstrate that the device complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring its safety and reliability.

  7. Submission of Complete Prototypes and Finished Goods Materials: The manufacturer must submit five complete prototypes, including finished goods materials such as packaging, for review by the DIMO Foundation. This step allows the Foundation to assess the device's final appearance, packaging, and overall quality before granting the Hardware Device License.

Device Hardware Certificate Granting

Once the DIMO Foundation has thoroughly reviewed the submitted materials and confirmed that the device meets all the established criteria, a Device Hardware Certificate is granted. This certificate allows the approved manufacturer to produce an unlimited number of units of the certified device, providing them with the freedom to scale their production as needed. All test plans, and quality control plans are included in this certificate.

Device Revisions and Re-Approval

In the event that a manufacturer makes modifications to an approved device's design, a new Hardware Device License must be obtained. The DIMO Foundation evaluates revisions on a case-by-case basis and determines the necessary steps for re-approval. This process may involve resubmitting certain materials or conducting additional audits, depending on the extent of the changes made.

Transferability of Hardware Device License

The DIMO Hardware Device License is transferable between manufacturers who hold a valid DIMO Manufacturing License. This feature allows for a secure and seamless transition of device production, ensuring that the high standards and quality of DIMO devices are maintained across different manufacturers.

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