Welcome to the official documentation for the DCN (Device Canonical Name) system, a smart contract protocol that provides a unique and user-friendly naming system for Vehicle IDs using the Polygon blockchain. The DCN protocol introduces a novel approach to associating user-defined names with Vehicle IDs. Similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), DCN operates through a series of smart contracts that facilitate the creation, management, and resolution of these names.

Here are the key contracts that constitute the DCN system, along with links to dedicated pages providing in-depth information about each contract's functions, usage, and interactions.

  • DcnRegistry: The DcnRegistry contract serves as the foundation of the DCN system.

  • DcnManager: The DcnManager contract oversees the minting and management of DCN names.

  • PriceManager: The PriceManager contract governs the pricing mechanism for minting DCN names.

  • Resolvers: The ResolverRegistry contract acts as the hub for resolver interactions.


DCN provides an intuitive interface for users to mint and manage names for their Vehicle IDs:

  1. Minting: Users can mint a DCN name for their VehicleId by paying the required fee in DIMO tokens.

  2. Renewal: Minted names have a predefined validity period. Users can renew their DCN names before or after expiration, preventing them from being claimed by others.

  3. Resolution: Resolvers facilitate the efficient mapping of DCN names to associated Vehicle IDs, streamlining the process of retrieving relevant data.

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