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Discord Rules

FOR MOST TOKEN QUESTIONS Including airdrop eligibility and calculations, ongoing earnings, etc. visit SUPPORT For support, email [email protected] SAFETY WE WILL NEVER DIRECT MESSAGE YOU. IMPOSTERS OFTEN TARGET USERS IN WEB3 DISCORD SERVERS TO TRY TO STEAL FROM YOU. LINKS $DIMO CONTRACT ADDRESS Polygon Ethereum RULES
1. No discussions on the $DIMO token price or trading. This Discord wants to build a culture centered around building DIMO and data ownership, not trading cycles. Also, there are regulatory issues users can run into that create risk for themselves and the project.
2. Be civil and don't troll other users, make things overly political, or be a creep
3. No impersonation, spam, or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc.) in channels or DMs to fellow server members
ROLES To get a role that verifies the make of your car, use collabland-join and connect your DIMO wallet. If you have over 20,000 $DIMO in your wallet, you'll also get the @Hodler role and access to the 🐳holders channel. Same goes for those with an alpha-fleet NFT, except you'll get the @Alpha Fleet role
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