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Vehicle Data

The goal at DIMO is to support every vehicle, and there are already hundreds of different types on the platform.

This means the experience from each vehicle can vary. If you see little or no data, it means that we have more work to do to surface insights for your car.

Every car encodes data differently. DIMO needs to deploy code that converts vehicle data into insights almost one car at a time. We provide even more details about how this works in this blog post.

Why do I see very little or no vehicle data, even after driving?

As of October 6, 2022, DIMO has over 400 unique models connected. Each vehicle encodes data differently, which means we have to work car by car to bring data to users.

Many cars that connect to DIMO won't see much data, for now. Even things as simple as fuel level and odometer may not work right away. On the otherhand, some vehicles already have dozens of data points live, and we are still working to have the app show all the data that is available behind the scenes.

  1. We're working on publishing public documentation that allows users to see what to expect with their vehicle.

  2. We are working constantly to add more data for every vehicle.

We already have a wealth of "codes" to add that will create more data for all drivers, but the process of implementing, testing, and then shipping all these codes takes time. It may take months for certain cars to start to see more data, and for that we appreciate your patience. You can read more about this challenge below.

DBC Codes

A huge priority for DIMO is putting more data in the hands of users. We have a dedicated channel in our Discord (#šŸ•µdbc-decoding) and are working with professionals around the world to improve the user experience by adding support for more fields from more vehicles.

If you would like to help decode DBCs, you can join the DIMO Discord or reach out to

Update your Device

The DIMO project is still in a test phase. New software is deployed to devices often, and updating your device is often the key to getting more data.

The device will update automatically when you end a drive. The surest way to kickoff an update is to drive to a location with great cell reception and turn off your car. The update usually takes 5-10 mins and you will see a rapidly flashing green light during the update.

You should never have to take a special trip to update your car, but in these early stages it may be required. Generally after a device receives its first update, it should update more smoothly and connect to cell networks more easily going forward.

When will it improve?

We're constantly working to improve the data experience for all users. The effort involves DBC decoding, or decoding the signals that are unique to your make and model vehicle.

We've already received hundreds codes from the community and we're constantly working on more.


What kind of wallet do I need to connect to DIMO?

DIMO requires the use of a software-based non-custodial wallet like MetaMask, Rainbow, or Trust Wallet.

Can I connect my Coinbase or other exchange account?

Not today. Exchange accounts are what are considered custodial wallets. The exchange has control of the keys to your account, like a bank account. Companies like Portal are working on solutions that will allow users to use dapps like DIMO with their exchange accounts, and we are tracking these development efforts.

Can I use a hardware wallet with DIMO?

Hardware wallets and mobile apps do not play nicely today, so we do not support using a hardware wallet with DIMO. Leading hardware wallet and software wallet providers are working together to improve the experience for mobile app users and we are tracking development efforts.

Can I change the wallet I have linked to DIMO?

Yes. To do so you must get in contact with support. These requests can take several days to process and our support team will ask for various details for security purposes.

Where can I learn more about various types of wallets.

There are many good resources for learning about wallet types in crypto. Teo good explainers are:

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