Smartcar connection

Get help connecting your vehicle and troubleshooting if you're not seeing data on the DIMO mobile and web apps.

Help! My Vehicle Won't Connect Via Smartcar!?

Here's a list of the most common issues and mitigation steps:

Is your vehicle compatible, and is the connected vehicle services subscription active?

A software connection to DIMO requires you to have an active subscription to your automaker’s connected vehicle services product to see data.

  1. Your car must be on this list of compatible vehicles

  2. The subscription you have with your car app needs to qualify. Click here: for a guide on which subscription you need to have for your vehicle.

Have your login credentials or subscription status with your automaker changed?

Many automakers offer their services for free for some time before requiring customers to pay.

Your subscription through your automaker may have become inactive or need to be re-synced. This may have happened for many reasons, including a change in your billing information.

Check to see if data from your vehicle appears in your automaker’s app. If you’re also not seeing data in your automaker’s app, there’s likely an issue with your subscription, or on your automaker’s side.

Your vehicle may have become disconnected from DIMO if you’ve changed your password with your automaker. If so just reconnect your vehicle in DIMO, and you’ll be good to go. You’ll still see all your old data.

What happens if my car has been offline for a while?

It’s normal if you don’t immediately see data from your vehicle immediately after connecting it. Start your car if you’ve just connected or if it’s been off for a long period of time.

If you’re no longer seeing data from your connected vehicle and it’s been off for an extended period of time, the vehicle may be offline in a deep sleep and not actively send any data.

  • Try starting the vehicle to bring it back online and see if data appears over the next couple of hours.

  • If none of the above works, disconnect (don’t delete) the vehicle from DIMO and reconnect it. You’ll still see your historical data.

Before contacting DIMO support, please take these steps:

Try checking any other connected vehicles you may have on DIMO. If you do not see any data from them either, there may be an account-level issue.

  • If you’re using the DIMO mobile app, make sure you’re updated to the latest version. Check your device’s app store to see if an update may be available.

  • If you’re using DIMO on the web and have taken the steps above, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Ask the DIMO Discord community Check out #faq on Discord, someone may have found a solution to your problem! If not, feel free to #ask-a-question and see if the community can help.

Still can’t get an answer to your question? Get in touch at and we’ll connect you to someone who can help.

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