Using a Rainbow or Metamask Wallet

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Want to download an external wallet?

MetaMask: Click here to download on iOS and here to download on the Google Play store.

Rainbow: Click here to download on iOS and here to download on the Google Play store.

Follow the steps to create your wallet and be sure to backup your seed phrase. Once installed, come back to DIMO Mobile and follow the steps to mint your vehicle and take control of your data.

Trouble Logging in to DIMO with your Wallet

Sometimes, after the app updates, the ability to login with your crypto wallet will fault. While we're working on a fix, all you need to do is to delete DIMO Mobile and re-install it and this should work fine.

Two Accounts

We treat login methods as unique. If you're not careful, you can create two separate accounts: one with email, and one with Wallet Connect. This can cause issues down the road as you may lose track of which account has your activity.

Note that if you create an account with email, you can still attach a wallet; or if you create an account with a wallet, you can attach an email. It seems like these should match up, but at the present moment, our sustem does not support combining them. You could end up like this:

  1. Account #1 (Created via email)

    1. Wallet attached

  2. Account #2 (Created via wallet)

    1. Email attached

Initial Wallet Connection

If you have not yet connected a wallet to DIMO before, here are a few things to know:

Connect your wallet to DIMO Mobile

Mismatched Wallets - Removing an Existing Wallet

If you have already connected a wallet to DIMO, before you go through the process, we're going check and make sure the wallet you are trying to use for your Vehicle ID minting is the same as the one that is connected. If it is not, we'll throw an error.

You have 3 options:

  1. Find the original wallet you connected and use that one.

  2. If that wallet is any wallet app other than MetaMask or Rainbow, you will need to use a new wallet app. You can either import your other wallet private key into one of these new apps or;

  3. You can email, have them remove your connected wallet, then link a new one.

Import web3 address into MetaMaskImport web3 address into Rainbow

Claiming, Transferring, and other Wallet Actions

If you run into issues on any of the steps above, here are three things you should check and try again:

  • Using a VPN? VPNs can interfere with WalletConnect. Turn these off before proceeding.

  • How's you Cell Reception? You need to be in an area with good connectivity to get through the steps.

  • Extend MetaMask Autolock. In MetaMask's Settings under Security & Privacy you can extend the auto-lock. If this auto-lock times out while you're pairing, you wont be able to complete the steps above.

Viewing Your Vehicle ID in your wallet

Follow the instructions on this page:

View your VehicleID in your wallet

Known Issues

For a wholistic view of identified issues, resolution status and our recommended workarounds, follow this page:

Known issues

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