DIMO will never share your information with a 3rd party without your explicit consent. As a user, you can access the full suite of your own data, but no one else can.

By Connecting to DIMO What kind of data am I providing from my vehicle?

DIMO breaks down the data into a few key categories:

  • Metrics on specific sub-systems like the Battery Charge State, Battery Management System signals, Cell Voltages, State of Health, etc.

  • General Vehicle data like mileage, tire pressure, etc.

  • Weather data Location data

  • Trip data such as the speed of the vehicle, rough start and end location (more on this below), braking, starting and stopping, and more.

For a complete list of the data points DIMO collects, you can log into your dashboard and view the activity log from your connected car.

Does this mean you know where I live, work, or where I am at all times?

First, DIMO provides the ability for you to set areas on a map where we will not collect location data to protect your privacy. You can read more about privacy zones here.

How to set your Privacy zones 👇

Second, the location data and your account data are encrypted in transit and storage and kept separately. There’s no way to connect a given account to the specific location data received.

In the near future you will have the ability to opt out of sharing your location data entirely, although this could impact your earnings.

If I Opt-In to share data with a partner, where does that data go?

Your vehicle data is aggregated into the DIMO Explorer. This is a collection of all the data of DIMO users and data providers. Customers who want to purchase the historical or realtime data from devices connected need to be approved to do so by DIMO, and today they can only purchase certain data points.

Over time, Data Unions will be segmented into different types with different privacy concerns. Users will be able to pick which Data Unions to join and this will affect their rewards.

Can you show me the data you’re collecting?

All users will get an “Activity Log” that shows all of their interactions with the platform, as well as information about which applications and organizations within the ecosystem can access them.

How are you storing my information?

The data you are providing will be encrypted in transit and at rest initially on AWS and in the future on IPFS nodes that anyone can run. We are also developing a means for users to store their own data. Users can export or delete data at any time.

Can I delete my data at any time?

Yes. While DIMO builds out the data management features, you can delete your data by emailing The integration with your vehicle can be paused at any time in your dashboard as well.

Who will DIMO sell data to?

Once data sharing begins (and a user has opted in), common buyers of vehicle data will include automakers themselves, insurance companies, other manufacturers, financial firms, and many others.

DIMO will negotiate on behalf of users to get them the best deal for their data, whether that is a direct payment, or for cheaper goods and services like insurance, vehicle sales, maintenance, and more. If you're spending money on something related to mobility, we want to leverage your data to help you get a better deal for it.

DIMO takes serious precautions with any prospective data consumer ensuring that they are reputable and that there are penalties if data is misused.

Data that can identify your individual vehicle for application specific purposes will not be provided to any 3rd party without your specific consent, which can be revoked at any period in time.

Am I providing access to any cameras in the car?

No! We can’t access any forward facing or rearview cameras, and the APIs or hardware that is a part of DIMO today does not pass this data. To be technical for a moment, a car’s CANBUS does not pass video data.

In the future DIMO may support video streaming from your vehicle. As with any feature, we’ll make sure you’re well aware of what you can opt-in to.

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