eBay Policy

DIMO users are free to use unauthorized resellers like eBay and other 3rd party marketplaces, but we advise caution.

If I order a device from eBay, does DIMO support it?

DIMO can’t guarantee support for pairing or offer a warranty, refunds, or replacements for devices purchased from 3rd party marketplaces. First and foremost, even if the box appears to be unopened, there’s just no guarantee that the device hasn’t been tampered with or used before.

Can I get the pre-order bonus points from this order?

If the device has previously been paired with a car, then you won’t be able to claim rewards for participating in the presale or use the device at all. For now, once a DIMO device is paired/registered to a vehicle in a DIMO account, it is assigned to the user who paired it.

Can I have paired my device already, can I sell my device?

Device transfer between accounts in the future will be enabled in the future. If you choose to buy/sell a device on a 3rd party site, you or the buyer could see a variety of errors that would indicate there could be something up. These may include: Error messages when you attempt to pair the device, Inability to click through steps in the pairing workflow, and other messages we can’t predict.

In conclusion.

Once again, everyone in the DIMO community is free to buy and sell devices, but we highly recommend buying your device from the official DIMO Shop, or from approved hardware vendors when they come on to the DIMO Network in the future. We’re working to get it back in stock ASAP and the best way to know when you’ll be able to order again is to add your vehicle using the DIMO app. We have added a roadmap item to create a portal where you can check on-chain to determine if a DIMO device has already been claimed by another user. This ensures safe transacting for buyers and sellers in the DIMOverse!

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