Is DIMO just for new or electric vehicles?

No! DIMO can be useful for any vehicle that provides data. You can think of a vehicle in DIMO as a single entity that can have multiple different streams of data attached to it from a number of different sources.

Modern cars typically produce more data and have additional sensors built in, so you may be able to provide more value to the DIMO network (and earn additional rewards) with these vehicles.

What cars are compatible with DIMO?

Almost any car manufactured in the past ten years (2012 or newer) registered in the US and Canada will be compatible. We are also supporting many cars across the EU. We're starting in this region for a combination of technical and legal reasons.

We still only accept cars in the app that are 2012 or newer but we are planning to open up to older cars soon. This could be in February 2023 or in June 2023. We build a lot of stuff at DIMO and priorities can change.

If you want to register an older car for support, you can do so here using the following form. It is not required for future support, but helps us understand the appetite and types of cars to expect.

If you want, you can proactively order a device. I have spoken to people who have done this so that they are ready when support expands.

Why don't older cars work if they have an OBD2 Port?

There are two reasons why older cars are not supported today:

  • More modern cars have greater telemetry available from subsystems, meaning there is more data to collect. The volume of data is a key consideration in the value of the connected data.

  • Every car has data encoded differently. OBD2 ports are not like USB ports where they work the same way on every machine. Since each model of vehicle needs to be decoded separately, complexity expands with every vehicle.

DIMO has ongoing efforts to decode more vehicles and expand the number of vehicles we can connect. We also have limited hardware supply and wanted to ensure maximum impact. We'll revisit this policy later this year, but can't promise anything yet.

I have connected my vehicle and I am not seeing a lot of data?

While we offer miner compatibility with vehicles 2012 and newer not all vehicles are going to show data right away. We have currently deployed Vehicle agnostic PID/CAN loggers to all vehicles to cast the widest net possible to see what cars need more decoding. You may notice certain data points show up as 0 while we work on getting vehicles decoded. We're actively working to decode new cars every day. If you'd like to get involved, join us on Discord and head to our DBC Decoding channel

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