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View your VehicleID in your wallet

Your Vehicle ID NFT is in your wallet and visible in the DIMO Mobile app, but you may not see it when you login to your wallet application. It's still there! You simply need to take a few steps to add it so that it shows up.
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  • Log into your MetaMask wallet mobile app
  • Click on the NFT tab and select import NFT at the bottom
  • Input Contract address 0xbA5738a18d83D41847dfFbDC6101d37C69c9B0cF in the address box
  • Input your Token ID found on the DIMO Identity Beta V1 OpenSea site.
  • You should now see your Open Vehicle ID in your app
  • Once you mint your vehicle ID, it will show up in your wallet under collectibles. Nothing is needed on the users end.