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Using the native wallet

The embedded in-app wallet built into DIMO Mobile
Getting started
For new users wanting to take advantage of a simplified wallet experience, simply download the DIMO Mobile app, create an account, and choose create a wallet.
Sending tokens and more
This wallet option is new and is missing basic features at the moment. Currently, the app only supports the ability to mint vehicles, claim miners, share permissions, and receive tokens.
In order to send tokens, delegate, and more, you will need to copy your seed phrase from the native wallet, and import it into an external one. To do this:
  • Go to your account page in DIMO Mobile, tap manage wallet, tap show seed phrase, and then copy it to your clipboard
  • Download and open Rainbow wallet (this one is recommended, but other wallets will also work)
  • Tap I already have one, then Restore with a secret phrase or private key, paste the seed phrase, back up your phrase (optional), and voila!
Note that you didn't move your wallet! You simply created another way of accessing it. The native wallet and your Rainbow wallet are the same wallet with the same address. It's sort of like logging into your email account from a new browser. The interface changes, but it's the same address and inbox.
Now you can use this Rainbow wallet to send tokens, participate in governance, and more.
Only for new users
Unfortunately, we don't yet support migrating from an external wallet to the native wallet. If you signed up using Rainbow or Metamask, you must continue to use those wallets on your account for now. The ability to transfer a vehicle and permissions to a new wallet is coming later on this year and you should be able to change then.