Compromised accounts

So you've been hacked? What do you?

What do I do if I have just been hacked?

  • Email [email protected] with the email of the account that has been compromised and a summary of the situation
  • Remove any integrations from your vehicles and delete the vehicles from your account.
  • Create a new DIMO mobile account and use the DIMO in-app wallet.
  • Return the compromised devices
  • Add your vehicles and pair your new devices.

What can the DIMO team do?

  • Replace DIMO store bought devices that have been compromised, once for free.
  • Blacklist the wallet address that was in the compromised account

What can the DIMO team NOT do?

  • Hold/Grant any tokens that might have been earned during the replacement period
  • Recover any tokens that were taken from your wallet
  • Recover your streak level of your vehicle