View Error Codes

[Alpha] Your car is hurting, DIMO can help
This guide is for users who have a vehicle with Error Codes on the Dash
Follow these simple step-by-step instructions & we'll get your car running smoothly.
Plug in your DIMO device, wait a few seconds for it to turn on & read error codes.
Download the BLE scanner app for iOS or Android
Find your autopi in the BLE app and select connect
Click through the three services - Check to see if error codes are listed at the bottom, if not, select another Bluetooth service.
Error codes are shown as P0030, P0126 (etc).
You can search for them here (or just google them).
Protip: If you're a Vehicle Genius subscriber you can simply text your Error Codes to a Genius and they'll find you the right fix at the best price.