Shipping Expectations, DIMO x AutoPi

The current generation of DIMO Devices are provided by AutoPi, the first hardware partner in the DIMO Ecosystem. AutoPi works with manufacturers to produce the devices and ship them to Digital Infrastructure Inc. and our fulfillment partners, CalChip Connect in the US and Canada and Linxdot and Lorin in Europe.
Below you can find our expected shipping schedule as of November 21, 2022. A few key points:
  • "Manufacturing Shipments" represents devices that have already been ordered for production and not necessarily sold. Digital Infrastructure Inc. may continue to order manufacturing runs beyond January, or may simply allow users to go directly to AutoPi going forward.
  • "End Customer Shipments" are the number of devices we expect fulfillment partners to ship to users. There are a number of provisioning and packing steps that happen at the warehouse, which is why we're conservative on shipping timelines, but we expect that in practice we could fulfill 10k units per month with our current partners.
Those ordering devices can currently expect ~1mo between ordering and receiving devices, and we expect this to improve over time.