Entity Types

Entity Types for the Devices API


Countries are a list of DIMO-supported countries. The countries are listed with many country formats in the data response and are searchable by looking up their 3-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code.


DCN stands for Device Canonical Name, a smart contract protocol that provides an unique and user-friendly naming system for Vehicle IDs. By approving and purchasing DCNs via DIMO Buddy, vehicles can be registered and associated with a name such as ferrari.dimo. This is similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).


Documents are the vehicle-related documents that one would store on DIMO, namely title, registration, insurance, and pictures of maintenance history.


Geofences are the privacy boundaries defined by the user. These boundaries are bounded using h3indexes (learn more about h3indexes here: Hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system). Locations of the user devices defined are not tracked within these privacy boundaries.


Integrations are the types of connections that DIMO offers. The API type of integration indicates a software connection, while the Hardware type is self-explanatory. Each integration type offer a different level of points, this is related to the baseline issuance of $DIMO tokens rewarded to a connected vehicle. You can learn more about how points are calculated in DIP-2.



The Vehicle entity in the Devices API essentially refers to the object that has shared privileges with the authenticated user. An additional token exchange is needed to obtain a short-lived permission to access a vehicle's data.

User Device

User Device is essentially the device(s) that belongs to the authenticated user.

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