Subscribe to a Stream


Subscribing to a stream is what you would do if you're looking to get a constant feed of data. You would probably want to revisit the REST API references if you are only looking for a snapshot of the data.

Getting Started with Subscriptions

To get started with subscribing to a stream, the Streamr Network has provided developers with a JavaScript client to simplify to subscription process. The DIMO Network also has a quick boilerplate available here:

You should also checkout the Streamr hub for any streams that you've created or subscribed to.

Subscribing to Streams via Developer Licensing

Subscribing to a data stream is even easier with Developer Licensing. If you are an application developer and would like to subscribe to your end users' vehicle data streams, all you need to do is have users share streaming privileges to your Developer License address.

Once your Developer License has the correct privileges, you can easily subscribe to a vehicle stream via our Developer SDK.

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