Approved Hardware Auditors

DIMO Approved Hardware Auditors

The DIMO Foundation has strict requirements for the hardware and security audit of any device that is being considered for approval and integration into the DIMO network. To ensure that these requirements are met, only approved hardware and security auditors may be used for approval by the DIMO Foundation.

Currently, Block Harbor is the only approved hardware and security auditor for the DIMO Network. Block Harbor has extensive experience in hardware and security auditing, and they have a proven track record of ensuring that the devices they audit meet the strict requirements of the DIMO Foundation..

However, the DIMO Foundation recognizes the importance of having a diverse group of auditors with different perspectives and expertise. Therefore, the list of approved auditors is growing, and the DIMO Foundation is actively seeking new partners with the expertise and experience needed to conduct thorough hardware and security audits.

As new auditors are added to the list of approved auditors, the DIMO Foundation will provide guidance and training to ensure that they understand the requirements and procedures for conducting audits for the DIMO Network. This will help to ensure that all devices on the network are thoroughly audited and meet the strict requirements for security and reliability.

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