Device Minting Certificates

DIMO Check-in

🛂 With the minting license obtained earlier from the DIMO Hardware Team, you are now eligible as a device manufacturer to register devices. This process of registering and establishing identity of a device on the DIMO Network is called minting, since under the hood, you are creating a certificate for each device that'll be part of the infrastructure.

The DIMO Device Minting Certificate is a crucial component of the DIMO Network, acting as the license and record of a device's identity, manufacturing details, and lifecycle events. This certificate is an NFT stored on the blockchain, ensuring its immutability, transparency, and traceability.

Only approved manufacturers with a valid DIMO Manufacturing License and an approved hardware device with a valid DIMO Hardware Device Certificate has the ability to mint devices and create DIMO Device Minting Certificates for new devices.

Certificate Structure

The DIMO Device Minting Certificate is comprised of several sections of data, each serving a specific purpose in tracking the device's history and status. These sections include:

Device Identity


Serial Number

A unique identifier assigned to each device during manufacturing.


The International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique number for identifying mobile devices.

0x Address

A unique blockchain address that corresponds to the device on the DIMO network.

Manufacturing Details:


Manufacturer Name

The name of the authorized manufacturer that produced the device.

Manufacturer License

The DIMO Manufacturer License Certificate information.

Manufacturing Date

The date when the device was manufactured.

Hardware Device License

A reference to the license granted to the manufacturer for creating devices on the DIMO network.

Testing Results


In-Circuit Testing (ICT) Results

Data regarding the device's functionality and electrical performance.

Mechanical Testing Results

Data regarding the device’s functionality and mechanical performance.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Information about the quality and reliability of the device, date of inspection in the factory, and whether it passed QC.

Firmware Details


Initial Firmware Version

The firmware version installed on the device during manufacturing.

Provisioning Details


Provisioning Date

The date when the device was provisioned for use.

Authorized Users

A list of current organizations authorized to access and manage the device.

Lifecycle Events


Factory Resets

Records of any factory resets performed on the device.

OTA Updates

Details of Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates applied to the device.

End-of-Life Processes

Information about decommissioning, recycling, or disposal of the device.

The Device Minting Certificate is not only a comprehensive record of a device's history and status but also a means to ensure its security and traceability. By utilizing blockchain technology, the DIMO network provides a robust and reliable platform for the management of devices, giving users the confidence to trust in the quality and security of the devices they use.

For more information on DIMO Minting Licenses, please refer to the following resources:

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