DIMO Check-in

🌊 You should use the Streamr option if you are interested in getting a data pipeline for vehicles. This option is recommended for higher volume operations as a typical API integration may be limited due to the general API throttling.

Streamr Network

The Streamr Network is a decentralized, topic-based publish-subscribe system. Each stream or pub-sub topic has its own peer-to-peer overlay network that is built and maintained by a set of BitTorrent-like trackers.

The Streamr Network has many benefits such as security, scalability, and low latency. Learn more about it here: https://streamr.network/

Stream Format

A data stream can be created for a vehicle in the format of https://streamr.network/hub/streams/streams.dimo.eth/vehicle/:tokenId where the :tokenId indicates the vehicle that you are creating the stream for. You as a user should have privileges that allow you to create a data stream. A stream for your vehicle will eventually be visible on the Streamr Dashboard under "Your Streams" once created.

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