Developer License


The Developer License is DIMO's first step to a fully-self-served developer model. Here is a rundown of all the necessary components in this licensing process:

Here are a list of contracts that are essential to the Developer Licensing process:

DIMO Token Contract (0x...61db) is a contract that manages your DIMO tokens. With your consent and approval, the Developer License Contract will obtain permission to charge for the license issuance.

💱 DIMO Credits Contract

DIMO Credits Contract (0x...4322) is a contract where you can simply convert your DIMO Tokens into DIMO Credits.

🛂 Developer License Contract

Developer License Contract (0x...7C85) is where the magic happens. The license contract governs the administrative functions that can be applied to the licenses. This is where you can specify how to issue a license and modify your license details.

Developer Notes

This section details the licensing process which will cost you transactional fees in $MATIC from your spender wallet account, please proceed with caution. If you see any anomaly or suspicious transactions, do not sign and reach out to the DIMO team to confirm.

Developer License Mechanism

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