Quick Guide: Data Devs

DIMO Check-in

📊 DIMO data dev refers to developers that wishes to utilize the data returned from the connected vehicles of the DIMO Network. This usually means that you are NOT creating vehicles via your application and does NOT recreate the onboarding process as you see in the DIMO Mobile App.

If you are looking for a fullstack experience with vehicle onboarding (minting, pairing, claiming, etc), please refer back to the quick guide for Fullstack Devs.

Getting Started

To start exploring in the DIMO Network, the Overview is your best bet. This GraphQL API contains publicly-available data for every single connected vehicles in the DIMO Network. These public data are stored onto the blockchain and readily available via the GraphQL layer that DIMO has built.

You can simply build stuff using this publicly available API or offer more detailed vehicle data by going through the next set of steps.


(Optional) This part will be similar with the User Login and/or API Authentication in the Fullstack dev section.

Getting Access to Vehicles

To access the vehicle of your users, a developer will need to be granted with the right privileges. To learn how to get privileges, read through the Token Exchange API section to understand the privilege token mechanism.

Vehicle Data

Check out the Device Data API to get the vehicle's status & history data.


Check out the Trips API to get the vehicle's trip information.

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