Developer Changelogs

Q2 2024


Q1 2024


  • Valuations API have been migrated to using tokenId instead of userDeviceId.

  • DAT Group VIN decoding provider added.

  • Plugin to facilitate transforming raw data produced by the hardware devices into standard VSS format as part of the VSS data migration.


  • userDeviceId endpoints in Valuations API have been removed from documentation. Deprecation is scheduled, namely these endpoints:

    • /user/devices/{userDeviceID}/instant-offers

    • /user/devices/{userDeviceID}/offers

    • /user/devices/{userDeviceID}/valuations

  • userDeviceId endpoint in Devices API is scheduled to be deprecated:

    • /user/devices/{userDeviceID}/range

  • The following 4 endpoints are deprecating, as they are unused or covered in Identity API:

    • /dcn/$id

    • /dcn/image

    • /manufacturer/{tokenId} is replaced by { manufacturer (by: {tokenId:<tokenId>}){ name }}

    • /synthetic/device/{tokenId} is replaced by { syntheticDevice (by:{tokenId: <tokenId>}) { address } }

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