Reseller vs Distributor

What are the differences between a reseller and a distributor?
The term "reseller" and "distributor" is often used interchangeably. The following is how we define each role:
🎲 Reseller Type
🛒 Reseller
🏪 Distributor
Supported regions
Sell on your own website(s)?
Sell on marketplace(s)?
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🟡 (See Annotation)
Bundle DIMO as a part of your own solution?
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Warehouse(s) to hold inventory?
Logistics to fulfill orders?
Provide DIMO technical support?
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Provide maintenance and installation services for DIMO?
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Introduce apps to the DIMO Ecosystem?
Distributors have the biggest opportunity to build a business on DIMO. Not only do you have an opportunity to sell devices, but you can also service and maintain those devices with clients, layer in your own value-added services, and eventually capture some of the marketplace spend of the vehicles you bring on to the platform.
Beyond the revenue generated from device sales we encourage our resellers and distributors to be thoughtful about building DIMO holistically. That means:
  1. 1.
    Ensuring the devices sold get connected. Customers who do not onboard to DIMO are not particularly valuable to the DIMO Network;
  2. 2.
    Educating your customers about the DIMO Ecosystem and how to use it. The more that drivers and fleets use the ecosystem, the more value there is in the DIMO Network;
  3. 3.
    Spearheading local efforts to introduce apps to our DIMO Ecosystem.
At this time, our markets are in the United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland. Different automotive services are necessary for different regions to meet the specific needs of drivers and comply with local laws and regulations. We look forward to enlisting you to extend DIMO's reach and bolster our localization efforts with your expertise in the automotive industry.
It's important to us that our partners are invested in DIMO. If you're thinking of becoming a distributor, we recommend that your first step be to purchase and install some DIMO devices: Purchase here.
Are you ready to bring DIMO to your area?