I joined as a reseller. Am I able to become a distributor?
Yes! Resellers who have the capabilities to hold inventory and fulfill their customer's orders will be able to become a distributor.
I'm currently a fleet customer. Am I able to become a reseller or a distributor?
Yes! As a fleet customer who already uses DIMO, you may be able to become a reseller or a distributor depending on your business goals and qualifications. Please apply to become an ARP member to see if you meet the requirements and discuss the opportunity with a DIMO team member.
What's the difference between being a fleet customer and a reseller?
A fleet customer purchases and deploy DIMO products and services on their fleet vehicles to power their automotive fleet operation. A reseller purchases DIMO products and services and sells it to their customers for a profit.
What's the difference between reseller and distributor?
A distributor is a reseller who has the capabilities to store inventory and fulfill their customer orders. See how we classify the differences here.
What are the lead times after placing a bulk order as a reseller or a distributor?
Depending on the size of the order, lead times can vary from 2-6 weeks from the time of order. We recommend ordering as soon as possible.
For those planning to deploy large amounts of units, we recommend signing up for a deployment schedule so that we can ensure availability of hardware ahead of time. Please enquire with DIMO.
Why should I join as an ARP member when I can already resell DIMO from the inventory I procured as a fleet customer?
​An ARP member will receive benefits for the purpose of reselling DIMO products and services. Make sure you understand all the cost savings to increase profitability. Successfully build your business on DIMO with the right foundation.
It's important to us that our partners are invested in DIMO. If you're thinking of becoming a distributor, we recommend that your first step be to purchase and install some DIMO devices: Purchase here.
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