ARP Member Benefits

From submitting your application to becoming an ARP member

Application Process ✅

There are five steps to the ARP application process:
  1. 2.
    ✍ Sign the ARP Agreement
  2. 3.
    🌱 Become an ARP member
  3. 4.
    ➕ Send us your resale certificate and W-9 or W-8BEN-E tax form
  4. 5.
    💸 Start selling on your website
Once you submit your application, we will review it and follow-up with the next steps. Most likely, we'll schedule a screening call to make sure we're working with quality partners. If we decide to move forward, there will be some additional back and forth to align on terms on our reseller/distributor arrangement leading up to an officially signed ARP Agreement.
As a newly initiated ARP member, we'll onboard you to a portal to place bulk orders. We'll also offer you marketing materials, training, and other support as necessary to get you selling DIMO as soon as possible.
ARP application processing stages

ARP Member Benefits 🥧

Becoming an ARP member can help your business expand your offerings and establish it as a trusted provider in the automotive industry. See the ARP member benefits below:
Opportunities for greater discounts with recurring orders.
​Purchase DIMO products and services without tax.​
​Utilize our order management system and logistics to fulfill your orders.​
Priority shipping over other customers.
Direct access to our Growth Team to collaborate on cross-team marketing initiatives, get exclusive marketing materials, and market your site as an “Approved DIMO Device Reseller”
Direct access to our Customer Success Team and support documentation to collaborate on cross-support efforts.
We'll take care of your customers so that you can focus on your brand and outreach efforts.
Early access to new DIMO hardware partners.
Opportunities to earn more profit from connecting your customers to the DIMO Network and having them use DIMO Ecosystem Apps (learn more earning $DIMO with your customers here).
Be one of the first to get the latest news on DIMO and feature releases (learn more about the product roadmap here).
🌱 Earning $DIMO With Your Customers

Baseline Issuance

Today, sharing or splitting baseline issuance is not handled at the DIMO Protocol layer nor in the DIMO Mobile app. If you wish to split baseline issuance with any customer of yours, you can work that out directly with that customer and handle payments outside the app.
Digital Infrastructure Inc. will be building the components and features for a reward sharing program that will allow the distributor, patron, manager, etc. to earn a share of the baseline rewards. The exact terms and conditions will be between the patron and host.
This rewards splitting does not just apply to baseline rewards. In fact, the reward opportunity is much higher for Marketplace use.

Marketplace Use

DIMO users have exclusive access to interact and transact with a growing number of DIMO Ecosystem partners. These apps and services include everything from vehicle financing, maintenance, accessories, app add-ons and more. The more a user transacts in the DIMO Ecosystem, the more $DIMO they earn. (DIMO Improvement Proposal 3]
As a distributor, when users who purchase devices through you connect their vehicles to DIMO, you can earn a share of their marketplace rewards. Reward splitting is currently not handled at the DIMO Protocol layer nor in the DIMO Mobile app (see section above). This functionality is coming soon.
How do you maximize this? One way is to encourage your users and educate them about the benefits available for DIMO users with partners in the DIMO Ecosystem.
📆 Product Roadmap for Distributors and Fleet Managers
DIMO and Digital Infrastructure Inc. are building new features for both the DIMO Platform and DIMO Mobile app to better support distribution of DIMO devices.
These features will enable everything from streamlining the connection of your friends and family to running enterprise level fleet management programs. Regardless of your use case or the particulars of your fleet, you’ll have the tools you need to implement DIMO across 3, 30, or 300 vehicles.
We’re looking for a team or teams that want to build enterprise-grade fleet management SaaS products for DIMO. If you are one of these teams or know someone who is, please send them to our Partner / App Developer Form.
Our goals for the coming features are:
  • Make device installation easier for all users (especially non-crypto users).
  • Allow customized sharing of data and rewards so that roles like “installer,” “fleet manager,” “driver,” “owner,” “host” and others can be created. Users will configure the amount of data that each role can view and the rewards each role receives.
  • Allow distributors to share in the marketplace rewards of the vehicles they onboard.

Key Features

These features are a major focus. Here is the approximate timeline we have for releasing these:
  1. 1.
    Web3Auth / Crypto wallet abstraction (February 2023). Using web3auth, new users will be able to log in to DIMO Mobile with Gmail or Apple and have a web3 wallet they control automatically created in the background. This removes much of the onboarding friction and knowledge required to get a car connected to DIMO today.
  2. 2.
    Share Vehicle Access in-app (February 2023). For the first time, users will be able to share a vehicle in their account with another user. This functionality will be very simple to start with both users seeing all of the same data about the vehicle. This functionality is perfect for sharing with close friends and family.
  3. 3.
    Device Pre-provisioning (Q2 2023). In order to further streamline the onboarding process, we’ll enable the ability for a user to pre-provision a device for another user’s vehicle. In this scenario, the “patron” would set in advance the vehicle that the device will be connected to (by using the VIN number). The “host” would simply need to plug in the device into the correct vehicle. From there, data sharing and permissions can be handled in the mobile app.
  4. 4.
    Developer Platform (Q4 2023). DIMO will be running early developer programs starting as early as Q1, but the launch of the full DIMO Developer platform will take place towards the end of 2023. With the developer platform live, any developer or enterprise will be able to customize the ways that they want to interact with the DIMO Protocol.

Additional Roadmap Items

The features above aren’t the only things we’re working on to support those who want to build distribution, fleet management, and other types of businesses on DIMO. Some of the other developments that will enhance your business are:
  • Smaller DIMO Devices: In 2023 we’re planning to launch a smaller DIMO device. While it will trade some functionality (and earnings), it will take up less warehouse space, less space in the vehicle, and be much cheaper. For certain applications, this small device will be perfect.
  • Improved Device Software: We’re constantly improving the software that runs on DIMO devices, which means an easier time updating devices and a better overall experience for end users.
  • Improved Distributor Interface: Making it easier to check device version and run a self-test before shipment.
  • Expanded Vehicle Support: We’re experimenting with support for vehicles older than 2012 and outside of the vehicles we support today, like larger trucks and industrial vehicles. This will greatly expand the pool of businesses that can take advantage of DIMO. We expect to announce progress on broader vehicle support late Q1 2023.
Be a part of revolutionizing the automotive industry with cutting-edge IoT technology. With our comprehensive support, exclusive marketing materials, and competitive pricing, you'll have everything you need to build a successful business and make a difference in the world of connected vehicles.
It's important to us that our partners are invested in DIMO. If you're thinking of becoming a distributor, we recommend that your first step be to purchase and install some DIMO devices: Purchase here.
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