AMP Member Benefits

From submitting your application to becoming an AMP member

Application Process ✅

There are five steps to the AMP application process:
  1. 2.
    ✍ Sign the AMP Agreement
  2. 3.
    🌱 Become an AMP member
  3. 4.
    ➕ Send us your W-9 or W-8BEN-E tax form
  4. 5.
    💸 Start selling and earn commissions
Once you submit your application, we will review it and follow-up with any next steps. Most likely, we'll hop on a discovery call and align on terms to be included in our affiliate marketing arrangement.
Expect some additional back and forth leading up to an officially signed AMP Agreement. As a newly initiated AMP member, we'll onboard you to our affiliate marketing platform and provide you with your own referral link to begin earning commissions from qualifying sales.
Diagram showing how an application moves through the processing stages to becoming an AMP member.
Application processing stages

AMP Member Benefits 🥧

Not only do you get to talk endlessly about DIMO, you can also earn a commission on every qualifying sale you refer. Some more benefits for being an AMP member below:
To help drive traffic to your referral link, we'll generate a coupon code for your customers to receive a discount off the DIMO Data Device.
Direct access to our Growth Team to collaborate on cross-team marketing initiatives.
Direct access to our Customer Success Team to collaborate on cross-support efforts.
We'll take care of your customers so that you can focus on your brand and outreach efforts.
Opportunities to earn more commission from connecting customers to the DIMO Network.
Be one of the first to get the latest news on DIMO and feature releases.
Get dashboard access to track your sales performance.
The opportunity to help people discover DIMO and educate them on the battle between OEMs vs open-platform is yours. IoT technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the automotive industry and you'll be a part of it. DIMO is still in its early stages! There's a lot of room for growth and innovation.
Are you ready to take the next step to becoming an AMP member?