A User-Owned Data Broker visualizes DIMO network activity. It allows you to surf on the waves of data generated by devices around the world.
It is an application licensed by the DIMO foundation to serve as the middle layer between the users and the end customers. This solves a key problem: Most enterprises interested in DIMO data are not ready to interact with a decentralized protocol.
All profits from data sales flow to DAO treasury via DIMO Pay, a smart contract outlined in DIMO Improvement Proposals (DIPs).
Application developers and data customers can submit requests to access DIMO data using this link.

How Data Is Accessed

Data will be available in three formats, bundled into subscription packages available on Explorer:
🚿Data Streams: Entire datasets available from the Data Union(s) with parameters set by the consumer such as the number, or type, of devices to include in the data and the refresh period. Comparable services in the space today use pricing models on a per car per month basis for this type of data.
📲APIs: A curated collection of APIs that may provide specific details out of the dataset within the Data Union. DIMO will develop these APIs based on the demand from data consumers. These APIs may be priced on a per call basis or other methods that are common in the industry.
💾Custom (one-off) Datasets: A bulk dataset from a specified group of vehicles that have agreed to provide historical access for acceptable use-cases.

How is Data Priced?

As is standard in the data industry, prices will adjust based on the amount of data being consumed; and flexibility will be added to the system to accommodate dynamic consumption and pricing arrangements.
Data brokerage options are set and regulated by the DIMO foundation. This includes the following activities:
  1. 1.
    Generating new demand signals for data and connectivity.
  2. 2.
    Licensing & approving additional data brokers and customers using agree-on pricing and other terms
  3. 3.
    Transferring data sale & license revenues back to the DIMO users
Brokers and consumers are required to stake $DIMO that would be slashed in the event they violate the terms and conditions.
The size of the required lockup will generally follow a curve based on the amount of data being consumed or subscribed to, as well as the device functionality exposed to the app in question.