Token Details & Distribution

The details and rationale for the initial token distribution

$DIMO is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchain with a 1,000,000,000 token supply. For more on how to add it to your wallet and move it between chains, click here.

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 $DIMO has been allocated in a manner that lines up with industry average allocations for protocol rewards, the treasury, the initial team, and initial capital partners. A community-first approach is important, which is why we’re allocating an above average 70% of tokens to users and the treasury.

The DAO Treasury

700,000,000 $DIMO will be initially allocated to the community controlled DAO treasury. Teams and individuals that contribute to the network may receive $DIMO (and/or other cryptocurrency that the treasury accumulates) in the form of bounties or grants. However, the way most users will earn tokens is through driver rewards.

Driver Rewards

DIMO Core Team & Capital Partners

The remaining 300,000,000 $DIMO has been allocated to the initial team (roughly 224,000,000) and investment partners (roughly 76,000,000). These allocations are subject to a minimum two year lock up starting, from the date of the mainnet launch, whereby tokens unlock monthly until fully unlocked after three years. Team members may be subject to additional vesting on top of the lockup. Any tokens held by the company, Digital Infrastructure Inc., may also be used for network participation (e.g., paying 50 $DIMO to mint devices) or as incentives for non-team contributors (e.g., sending a small amount of $DIMO to those who show up to public community calls, posting bounties for tweeting about DIMO, etc.).

This page is making no binding representations.

Beware of scam tokens. The token address for $DIMO is 0xE261D618a959aFfFd53168Cd07D12E37B26761db (link) on Polygon and 0x5fab9761d60419c9eeebe3915a8fa1ed7e8d2e1b on Ethereum (link). Always make sure you are interacting with the correct token address.

Please triple check that any communications from DIMO are authentic as it’s common for scammers to try to trick you into sending them crypto or into revealing your private keys. No guarantees are made about the nature of the $DIMO token or its distribution, which are subject to change based on continued legal, tax, and other design considerations and which may be altered in the future by a vote of the token holders in accordance with network governance.

DIMO reserves the right to withhold tokens from users whose wallet addresses are flagged for compliance issues, including but not limited to anti-money laundering, or sanctions laws, and other applicable laws. Nothing in these documents represents a promise or guarantee of any future actions and the DIMO Foundation is not bound to distribute DIMO tokens to any user.

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