Roadmap Overview

2022 was a big year for DIMO as devices shipped out, cars got connected, and the $DIMO token launched. 2023 is set to be an even bigger year as new features and applications are set to launch to make DIMO more useful for drivers.
In Q1 2023, DIMO got easier to use as users could share their car with other users and the DIMO Mobile app adds an embedded wallet and increases the quantity and quality of car data displayed. These changes made DIMO far more exciting and reduce the barrier to onboarding for people who are less crypto native.
In Q2 2023, DIMO expanded its functionality for more types of users. Fleets need new interfaces and account types to manage many cars and many drivers. Patrons (that pay for the device and want $DIMO) need an ability to send preconfigured devices to hosts (who mine tokens for the patron). Likewise we are delivering a new low-cost DIMO device to market to target new audiences.
We'll also be adding verifiable credentials so that any entity can make a verified claim about another entity. In other words, we can use cryptography to create a message that proves with 100% certainty that Ally Bank has claimed that a car has a clean title.
In Q3 2023, the ecosystem opened up and more as data storage is decentralized, more data goes on-chain (trips), and SDKs accelerate the addition of new apps built on DIMO. At this point, use cases and protocol resilience will begin to rapidly expand.
In 2024 and beyond, the protocol will mature with increased decentralization, increased support for new vehicle types (such as scooters, planes, heavy machinery, etc.), more clients and apps, and formal relationships with car manufacturers.
As is the case with other protocols, DIMO will start to ossify and expand horizontally, with a lot of exciting development moving further up the stack to the ecosystem of apps and use cases being built on top of it.
DIMO is built by a decentralized network of contributors and this section illustrates a compelling and plausible vision for what such contributors may build. Ultimately, what various groups and individuals contribute is their decision and may include the things listed here, things not listed here, or nothing at all. This section does not make any commitments about what may be built and the future of DIMO may differ.