Protocol Maturity

As we enter Q4, the DIMO protocol matures and more of the newsworthy activity shifts to the apps and use cases built on top of DIMO, integrations and partnerships, and expansion of support for new vehicle types.
With a decentralized community, a resilient and open protocol, a large community of users, and solid developer tooling, DIMO becomes a very attractive platform for developers to build apps. Here's where we'll start to see an explosion of apps such as web3 ride-hailing, P2P car-sharing, smart insurance, DeFi auto lending, Opensea style car marketplaces, fleet management applications, and more.
This decentralization, openness, and resilience, combined with meaningful traction, makes DIMO more compelling to vehicle manufacturers (e.g., Ford, Tesla, Toyota), insurance companies, banks, DMVs, and more. This should lead to direct integrations and partnerships that make DIMO even more useful.
Simultaneously, DIMO as a protocol can start expanding to support other vehicle types like scooters, motorcycles, RVs, boats, planes, and helicopters — or non-vehicle machinery like HVAC, security systems, and cell phones.