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Q3: Open Ecosystem

Planned items = ⏹️
In progress = 🟡
Shipped items = ✅
At risk of delay to future quarter = ❗️
You can join the discussion on Discord to provide feedback or ideas.

DIMO Mobile App

Using your phone to unlock more data
Improved Notifications - Push notifications to let users know when their tyre pressure is low, an oil change is needed, their battery is failing, and more.
⏹️ Phone as a gateway - While you can't replace a Data Miner with your phone, it can track valuable location and accelerometer data. This enables the DIMO Mobile app to act as an entry point for people who want to track some data using just their phone.
⏹️ Trophy Case - Giving users the ability to earn NFTs and providing a place to showcase their digital mementos when they do things like: complete a cross-country road trip, consistently charge their vehicle with renewable power, attend a classic car meetup, and more.


Enabling use cases and resilience
⏹️ Developer SDK - Libraries and tools for developers to make building apps on DIMO easier.
⏹️ Proof Of Movement (Helium integration) - Verifying telemetry data by confirming proximity to cell towers and Helium hotspots.
⏹️ Trips - Creating an NFT for each trip and linking the telemetry data for that trip to that NFT and Vehicle ID. This is a new primitive that will be useful for users and apps.
⏹️ Decentralized Data Storage - Currently, Digital Infrastructure Inc. uses cloud service providers to store user data. In the future, users will be able to choose where their data is stored and will have the option to use a decentralised service, likely built using IPFS, Streamr, Ceramic, and/or similar infrastructure.
⏹️ Rewards Issuance - With trips minted as NFTs, Baseline Issuance can be calculated and automated with a smart contract.

Hardware Ecosystem

Expansion of the hardware ecosystem
⏹️ Additional Hardware Device - Adding a third DIMO compatible hardware device and paving the way for rapid development and deployment of new devices by new or existing manufacturers.
⏹️ Open Firmware / Software - Publishing open source firmware and device management software that helps hardware manufacturers deploy devices faster.


Forming additional ecosystem teams
⏹️ Core Platform - Forming an expert team from the community to contribute R&D and issue grants that further the base DIMO protocol.
⏹️ Green - Forming an expert team from the community that can help realise the pro-social potential of DIMO to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and their positive environmental impact.
⏹️ DIMO Ops - Forming a cross-functional team from the community focused on designing, implementing, and iterating on procedures and initiatives that keep the DIMO community functioning at peak levels.
⏹️ Tokenomics - Forming a cross-functional team from the community to iterate on token issuance and other dynamics.
⏹️ Growth & Marketing - Forming a cross-functional team from the community to evangelise and grow DIMO.