Q2: Verifiable Data & Fleets

April - June 2023: Verifiable credentials, fleet interfaces and features, and new hardware
Planned items = ⏹️
In progress = 🟡
Shipped items = ✅
At risk of delay to future quarter = ❗️
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Mobile App

Unlocking more utility for improved user convenience and network growth
⏹️ Referrals - Enabling users to earn extra $DIMO tokens by onboarding new users.
⏹️ DIMO Connect - Adding the ability to use a miner as a hotspot.
⏹️ Error Codes - Ability to run error codes within the app and receive easy to understand explanations of what's going on when a light pops up on your dashboard. E.g., "You have a leak in the emission control system."
⏹️ Glovebox Improvements - Adding additional document types, digitising data from the documents, verifying the data, and making it available for users to share with apps.
⏹️ In-app Wallet Upgrades - Adding the ability for users to execute advanced transactions using the embedded wallet that was introduced in Q1. Notably, this would include the ability to send tokens and vote on governance matters.


Making it easier to configure devices, route rewards, and pay gas fees
⏹️ Host/Patron - Making it easier for Patrons, who purchase DIMO devices and want to earn tokens, to give devices to Hosts, who install them in their car and take advantage of DIMO functionality.
⏹️ Pre-configured Devices - Enabling an entity to preconfigure a vehicle and miner for a user to make DIMO more plug-and-play.
⏹️ Verifiable Credentials - Users will be able to issue cryptographically secure credentials to other users, vehicles, or hardware devices. E.g., Geico can issue an insurance policy as a verifiable credential to a vehicle showing it has an active insurance policy.
⏹️ Using $DIMO for Blockchain Fees - Leveraging Biconomy to allow users to pay for their blockchain gas fees using the $DIMO token.
⏹️ Data Validity - DIMO devices confirming the origin of the data they send out by cryptographically signing all of their transmissions.
⏹️ Vehicle ID Enhancements - Enabling NFT transferability.


Delivering a new, low cost DIMO device to market
⏹️ Add Low Cost DIMO Device - Test, produce, and begin shipping a lower cost data miner. This device will have fewer features compared to the current device, but will help DIMO reach new audiences faster. This device is expected to make use of Helium's LoRaWAN network.


Forming teams to steward the hardware and app ecosystems
⏹️ App Ecosystem Team - Forming a cross-functional team from the community that can recruit, support, and offer grants to app developers building DIMO apps.
⏹️ Hardware Team - Forming a cross-functional team from the community that can recruit and support hardware manufacturers building DIMO compatible hardware.