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Q1: Ease of Use

January - March 2023: Optimising user experience, protocol upgrades, enabling network growth.
Planned items = ⏹️
In progress = 🟡
Shipped items = ✅
At risk of delay to future quarter = ❗️
You can join the discussion on Discord to provide feedback or ideas.

DIMO Mobile App

Iterating on the DIMO app to deliver an improved user experience
Mobile App Optimisation - Quality of life improvements and bug fixes.
Roles & Permissions - Enabling users to set advanced permissions within the mobile app.
In-App Wallet - Adding an option to create a blockchain wallet within the mobile app to improve the ease of user onboarding to the DIMO network. This removes the need for users to install a wallet and switch between applications to process transactions.
Referrals - Enabling users to earn extra $DIMO tokens by onboarding new users.
❗️ Error Codes - Ability to run error codes within the app and receive easy to understand explanations of what's going on when a light pops up on your dashboard. E.g., "You have a leak in the emission control system."


Improving data collection, analysis, and sharing capabilities
❗️ Data Decoding & Specifications - Users seeing more data within the app. Standardising vehicle data formats and building a data dictionary for developers.
Roles & Permissions - Enabling advanced permissions by upgrading the Vehicle ID NFT smart contract. E.g., users will be able to give other users the ability to see their car's location, telemetry data, lock/unlock the doors, and more.
DIMO Canonical Name - Human readable names for DIMO-connected devices.
Open Sourcing the Protocol - Open sourcing our libraries to allow user contribution to the DIMO network.
❗️ User On Chain Accounts - Enabling multi-profile accounts to facilitate account recovery, family accounts, and fleet use cases.

Hardware Ecosystem

Building a pipeline of device manufacturers and the foundation for future devices
Low Cost DIMO Device Prototype - Delivering a low cost and light-weight next generation device.
Open Hardware Specification - Allowing device manufacturers to apply for licenses that grant them the ability to produce DIMO-compatible devices.
New Manufacturer Pipeline - Queuing up additional hardware manufacturers to build new devices.


Getting things started
Launch Governance - $DIMO holders are able to vote on how the protocol works (see Governance).
Establish the DIMO Foundation's Role - Confirm the authority and responsibility of the DIMO Foundation (see DIP-6: The DIMO Foundation).
Launch token gated channels - Discord members can connect their wallet to receive roles based on $DIMO holdings, alpha fleet NFTs, and VehicleID.