DIMO Governance Hub

$DIMO token holders vote on proposals that determine how DIMO works. They're known as DIMO Improvement Proposals ("DIPs" for short) and can upgrade the way the DIMO smart contracts and token work, can grant privileges (e.g., a vote to issue a license to make DIMO Miners to a hardware manufacturer), set tokens aside for grants, etc. More on why this matters here.

Participation Instructions

There are steps you must take in order to vote. To have your tokens counted you must "delegate" your voting power to someone. Even if you want to vote with your own tokens, you still must delegate them to yourself.

When you delegate, your tokens stay securely in your wallet. You always retain full control and can still transfer them. You can change who you've delegated to at any time. Once you delegate, the person you delegate to will be able to vote with your tokens in all future votes until you redelegate to someone else.

We recommend using this website to easily delegate to yourself or others. On this page click "Connect Wallet" and sign in with a wallet that contains $DIMO. We recommend using a mobile wallet (Metamask desktop is not supported). Then:

  • To be able to vote on a proposal yourself using the wallet you just connected, click "Delegate to myself" in the top right and execute the transaction in your wallet

  • To delegate your voting power to someone we recommend, click the "Delegate" button under that person name on their card, click "Confirm", then execute the transaction in your wallet

  • To delegate your voting power to anyone else, enter their wallet address in the large input field at the top, click the "Delegate" button right next to it, then execute the transaction in your wallet

DIMO Improvement Proposals

Below, you can see active proposals that $DIMO token holders can vote on now, proposals that are receiving feedback and aren't ready for voting yet, and the entire index of all DIPs passed and failed. You may view DIPs on Github or Gitbook. The official discussion forum for DIMO governance is the Discord.

Voting active for: none

Community review: none

Status types

Review - for review and discussion by community (the author may still make changes)

Voting - in the process of being voted on

Approved - vote concluded and proposal passed, but not been implemented yet

Deployed - vote concluded and proposal passed and implemented

Failed - vote concluded and proposal failed to reach majority and/or quorum

Withdrawn - sponsor(s) withdrew the proposal while it was in the Review stage, prior to voting.

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