DIP-11: AutoPi Device Integration

Headline: DIMO hardware license approval for AutoPi

Author: The DIMO Foundation

Submitter(s): The DIMO Foundation [0xCED3c922200559128930180d3f0bfFd4d9f4F123]

Status: Voting (until July 22nd, 2024 at 18:00:00 UTC)

Voting URL: Snapshot

Discussion Forum: Discord #🗳️governance forum

Vote Type: Level 1


AutoPi.io ApS is a company that produces advanced Internet of Things (IoT) devices based on the Raspberry Pi™ and an extendable cloud platform for vehicles. Their flagship product, the AutoPi, is an LTE OBDII enabled device that is able to transmit vehicle data, in addition to collecting data from onboard sensors. AutoPi is applying for a Manufacturing License to continue producing a DIMO compatible OBD devices.


AutoPi’s temporary hardware manufacturing license has expired and as per DIP 4, this proposal serves as a review of their application for a permanent hardware manufacturing license. Additionally, this proposal provides transparency to the DIMO community regarding the new DIMO-compatible hardware that AutoPi.io is already delivering to the ecosystem, and specifies the commitments they must uphold as licensed hardware manufacturer.


AutoPi.io has submitted an application to continue to manufacture and support DIMO-compatible devices. Over 13,000 devices have been sold to customers on the DIMO network. From DIMO's early days, AutoPi has been a key partner with DIMO in providing functional devices quickly.

Steps for production are as follows:

  • Complete: KYC/B and business audit of the manufacturer, and ongoing orders

  • Complete: Bond 100,000 $DIMO to acquire a manufacturing license as outlined in DIP-4

  • Complete: Radio/industrial certifications

    • EN 301 489-1 v2.2.0,

    • EN55025:2008,

    • EN 50498/ Directive 2004/104/EC

    • ISO 7637-2:2011

    • EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1

    • FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Class A:10–1–17 Edition

  • Complete: Web API audit

Application Type

Integrations Provider (Hardware)

Corporate Details

AutoPi.io ApS | VAT: DK38816233 is the legal name of the company with an address at Alexander Foss Gade 13, 3. -2 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Description of Services

AutoPi.io is a proven and professional partner to the DIMO ecosystem. AutoPi has demonstrated the ability to build reliable devices at scale, as well as the ability to provide quality management cloud solutions.

Technical Specifications

The AutoPi device is an LTE enabled OBDII vehicle telematics device, powered by a Raspberry Pi. The architecture diagram and high level BOM are provided below.

High Level BOM

Safety Protocols

The device employs the use of a ‘secure element’ that provides communication encryption between the device and the cloud. Data is stored onboard.

Commitments to DIMO

AutoPi is committed to:

  • Act in best faith towards the DIMO community, producing quality hardware and honoring any commitments, timelines, etc.; and

  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to the safe production and usage of their devices.


If passed, this DIP will be in effect immediately after the four day timelock concludes. AutoPi will have the ability to mint valid $DIMO devices, so long as they maintain this license. This DIP will be updated, with history noted in the Changelog, if the bond is ever updated.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0


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