What is $DIMO
The native token of DIMO
$DIMO is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with a 1,000,000,000 token supply. It is currently being held in a multi-signature wallet controlled by the DIMO core team prior to the public launch.
While we're still developing the token, we’re building it to be useful in a handful of ways, including:


While payments may be received in various tokens, $DIMO will be the sole token used to reward drivers who connect their vehicles and stream data to the protocol. Check out the next page to read about rewards design.
Being sensitive to the fact that many end consumers may not be interested in acquiring and holding $DIMO, we will make use of Data Unions (brokers) that such end consumers (e.g., Geico, Waze, Vroom, JD Power) can transact using traditional service contracts and fiat money.


DIMO (the platform) is open source and transparently operated, meaning the discussions and finances are transparent. $DIMO holders are voters, and voters control DIMO. To learn more about governance, check out our section πŸ—³ Governance.


When data consumers and app developers agree to DIMO’s terms of service, they’ll put up a deposit (their stake) of $DIMO that can be taken away (slashed) if they misuse user data. This keeps dispute resolution simple, transparent, and out of the courts. The more data they consume, the more $DIMO they’ll need to stake. This has the added benefit of aligning them with DIMO as they’ll need to own more $DIMO tokens to get access to additional data, and users stand to be compensated more if their privacy is compromised.

Enhanced Access

DIMO users and app developers get access to features (e.g., enhanced vehicle diagnostics, events, NFT drops, API privileges, and more) based on $DIMO token holdings.
The contract address for $DIMO is 0x5fab9761d60419c9eeebe3915a8fa1ed7e8d2e1b. Please always confirm that you are interacting with this contract address and not that of a fraudulent imitator. This webpage is making no guarantees about the nature of the DIMO DAO or the $DIMO token or its distribution, which are subject to change based on continued legal, tax, and other design considerations. $DIMO will launch as a governance token with no claim on financial rights and no economic value. Please triple check that any communications from DIMO are authentic as it’s common for scammers to try to trick you into sending them crypto or into revealing your private keys.
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