Alpha Vehicle NFT
The DIMO Composer and NFT Transfers
Coming soon - currently in closed Alpha testing testing
DIMO unlocks a digital story of a vehicle’s life by minting an NFT of their car.
As vehicle data is sent to the DIMO network, it is linked to the NFT as vehicle lifecycle history, stored off-chain. Not just a url to a jpeg of your vehicle, it’s a ceramic url or an s3 bucket with your verified ownership records and selected driving data.
At any point in time, the owner of the NFT can access the vehicle's data, analyze , delegate or grant access to a 3rd party (insurance, accident reconstruction, carsharing, pre-sale inspection, etc).

What data does a DIMO NFT Contain?

The short answer, is "Whatever the user wants". Further standards for how verified data can be attached will be published over time.
For the default configuration at the time of minting:
Car Photo or user skin of choice made with the composer in the DIMO app.
Partial VIN - While DIMO NFTs do not use a UUID or VIN as primary key, it can be partially added to the NFT at the user's discretion.
Place of Manufacture from OEM

Optional Data Streams

Proof of Movement Data - (Autopi data, SmartCar DIMO Validated Credentials Insurance Policy, Lender)

Coming Soon

Driver Reviews
Title & Registration
Recall History
Trip NFTs