How to Claim your NFT
DIMO NFTs live here -
The Eth address you have connected your DIMO account with be the one needed to mint your NFT.
How to claim your Alpha Fleet ONYX NFT
Step 1. When your order has arrived, you can post a picture of your device in the DIMO network discord to receive the Alpha Fleet Roll
Step 2. Pair your device with your vehicle
Step 3. Drive around for data to be sent over your app.
Step 4. After 1 week of being connected, you will be eligible to mint your NFT
step 5. Head over here to mint your DIMO NFT
Please note that the DIMO team has to whitelist your ETH address to allow for minting. We will refresh the list at the end of every week.
How to claim your Alpha Fleet Bronze NFT
you can claim your NFT here How to claim your Alpha Fleet Silver NFT
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