How DIMO users can guide the development and governance of the project
Similar to many other projects in the space who also use Open Zeppelin Governor or Compound Governor, the voting specifications are:
  • $DIMO holders can vote directly on proposals or can delegate their voting power to someone else without giving up their tokens;
  • Backing of 1% of total token supply is needed to formally raise a proposal;
  • Voting representation of 4% of token supply is needed to reach quorum;
  • There will be a 7 day voting period; and
  • There will be a 4 day timelock after the vote is completed before execution.
It will be highly encouraged for proposals to form on Discord, take shape and debate on Discourse, and poll on Snapshot prior to being raised as a formal proposal for on-chain voting using Tally.


Any person who has been delegated 10,000,000 or more $DIMO is a DIMO Steward and will automatically be considered a Steward. Stewards, both individually and collectively, have special authorities and responsibilities, including the ability to introduce proposals for full community voting and the responsibility to advise and occasionally intervene with other Teams.
Liquid democracy illustration (inspiration for the graphic from Horizen Academy)