Intro to DIMO Platform
DIMO is an open source, community governed platform for IoT devices. It is built by combining the best aspects of traditional distributed web2 technologies with decentralized data validity and security provided by a companion blockchain.
At its heart is an ecosystem of streaming technologies including MQTT, Streamr and Kafka, distributed hosting technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, and data storage technologies such IPFS and S3.
It is similar in functionality to other connected device solutions (iRobot, Nest, OnStar)
  • Connect a Device
  • Control a Device
  • Get Data From a Device
  • Manage Access to a Device
Users can create and manage their device identity nodes through the DIMO mobile app. In the future, the users will also manage access to their device(sharing/rental) and perform payments within the network.
DIMO currently utilizes a companion blockchain, currently Ethereum and Polygon. The blockchain provides users and devices with secure digital identities, verified data linking and lookup capabilities. By referencing produced data to an on-chain identity, we are able to create a ground truth state of the network.

Why use DIMO?

The big difference to comparable IoT platforms and DIMO is the open source nature, scalable implementation and user driven control. Traditional device manufacturers use proprietary in-house or off the shelf solutions which limit interoperability (Look at home IoT space) and most importantly limit applications that can be built on the hardware.
By joining the network, both network participants and OEMs start to benefit from network effects. As adoption grows, the above points become stronger, a shared standard is formed across industries, and a lot of useful content becomes available from a single source.
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