Pathway to Launch
Pre-mainnet distribution
We still have work to do before we can start issuing the blockchain based $DIMO token to users.
Fortunately, users won’t have to wait that long to start earning. Starting soon, we’ll allow users to start accumulating points which will entitle them to a portion of the retroactive distribution of tokens for early users once the token goes live. These off-chain points will not exist on any blockchain, only on our servers (like Reddit Karma or Facebook Likes). Hypothetically, if a user earns 1% of all points earned by all users in the pre-mainnet phase, they'll earn 1% of the retroactive airdrop.
We plan to launch the mainnet token earlier in our go-to-market cycle than many projects, which has pros and cons. Often projects will operate without a token while they grow their user base. After a few years, they launch the token with a big airdrop to a broader community, resulting in a more decentralized DAO on day one. But we believe this isn’t a deliberate tactic as much as it was a practical consequence of the fact that the market and infrastructure for governance token launches weren’t mature enough for these projects in their early days.
While there would be benefits to being more decentralized from the day the token launches, this would mean the project would be 100% centralized until that point. We feel it would be wrong to withhold rewards from users until our user base is built up, forcing them to hope that we’d eventually figure out a fair airdrop. We will progressively decentralize the protocol and the DAO and we want that process to start as soon as possibleβ€”not three years from now. We also want our drivers, DAO contributors, core team, and capital partners to be fully aligned as soon as possible.
The contract address for $DIMO is 0x5fab9761d60419c9eeebe3915a8fa1ed7e8d2e1b. Please always confirm that you are interacting with this contract address and not that of a fraudulent imitator. This webpage is making no guarantees about the nature of the DIMO DAO or the $DIMO token or its distribution, which are subject to change based on continued legal, tax, and other design considerations. $DIMO will launch as a governance token with no claim on financial rights and no economic value. Please triple check that any communications from DIMO are authentic as it’s common for scammers to try to trick you into sending them crypto or into revealing your private keys.
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